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Welded Mesh Fencing is one of the most reliable security fencing, which is highly durable and offer safe choices in designs. This particular style of fencing meets the need for wide-ranging scenarios.


Installing advanced security fencing proves to be a great safety net. With Welded Mesh Fencing, you can easily find the perfect amalgamation of functionality and design, safeguarding your site.


At Kshetrapaal industries, we manufacture the welded mesh fencing that can endure regular use and is extremely easy to maintain and can last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.

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High-end strength

Our Welded Mesh Fence is built from steel and carries immovable stability. This has been designed in keeping the potential intruders in mind. With the tough resilience, this fence panel can stay damage-free even from the contact of vehicles and animals. Choosing this fence will indeed meet all your expectation as regards to strength and force.

Withstand climatic conditions

A great thing about Welded Mesh Fence is it is a weather-friendly fence panel, which alleviate the opportunity of any damage that is possible to effect from strong winds or storms. We at Kshetrapaal industries have taken care of the tiniest details to make it the finest security fencing option out of all that you spot in the market.

Stand-out with security

One of the best reasons to choose welded Mesh Fencing is it is thick enough to remain unaffected by large objects. The fence can be made at any height depending on the fence’s purpose and serve the interest with absolute security.

Improve the visibility

The reason why Welded Mesh Fencing proves handy is it is adaptable and can be used with other security measures such as CCTV. Using this particular style of fencing would prove to be ideal for various surroundings. With us on board, one can indeed get the required welded fencing of choice.

If you are keen to choose Welded Mesh Fencing for your environment, Please get in touch with us for the finest quality and feasible quotation.