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Polyvinyl Chloride, also known as PVC, is the third mass produced synthetic plastic polymer. This highly versatile and widely known wire is commonly used for wire insulation and cable jacketing. We at Kshetrapaal industries assure PVC wire will indeed prove to be a  durable, UV resistant solution and will display supreme resistance to water and chemicals as well.


When it comes to PVC cable, they are exceptionally high in tensile strength and possess amazing flexibility. These wires indeed turn out to be good conductors, which makes it a plausible product to rely on.


We at Kshetrapaal industries thrive on the finest quality products such as PVC chain link fencing, chain link and PVC Wire. PVC cables come handy for diversifying purposes such as home appliances, wiring of circuits, house wiring, power supply solutions, instruments, submarines, mining operations, ship wiring etc.

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Check out the advantages of PVC Wires by Kshetrapaal industries

PVC Wire Manufacturer

Easy for Recycling

PVC wires are recyclable and that is one of the greatest benefits of using them in this hard-hitting environment. Its PVC compound can be seamlessly recovered from the waste cables so as to reuse in varied applications. Since wires come under the regular usability items, the recycling bit makes it even more helpful for the day-to-day application.

Safe from fire

Fire safety is one of the key factors to consider and with PVC wires, you can be rest assured of a wire that do not catch fire until the last flame is directed towards them. This fire retardant wire is certainly a great product to buy from Kshetrapaal industries, since, we offer the genuine products, our PVC wire will live up to the expectation like no other.

High on flexibility

The Poly vinyl coated wires are highly recognized for their incredible amount of flexibility, hence they tend to be an obvious choice for their usage in various devices. A reason why a lot of electricians prefer PVC wires is because of its flexible property which help bend the wires on different angles with ease.

Pocket-friendly wires

Investing on PVC wires are a cost-effective option. At Kshetrapaal industries, we prioritize our customer’s satisfaction and thus ensure to offer them the value for money by providing the quality PVC wires at a reasonable price.

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