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Galvanised wire is an exceptionally versatile wire that has experienced the chemical process of galvanization, and involves coating stainless steel wire with a protective and rust-preventive metal.


Trust Kshetrapaal industries to provide you the best galvanised wires of quality. We are a recognized wire fencing provider and handle projects, requiring diversifying mesh wire fence such as PVC wire and all other kinds with absolute conviction.


With the implementation of Galvanised wire, one can be assured of a  durable and reliable wire that can offer a lasting effect. Indeed, having a galvanised wire will prove to be an optimum solution for both residential and commercial structures.

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Here’s presenting the primary benefits of using Galvanised wire

Galvanised wire

Supreme protection

One of the best attributes of Galvanised wire is it protects the properties seamlessly and turns out to be a budget-friendly solution. What’s more, it can also be easily utilized to create a fence around the perimeter of the home. In short, galvanised wire is worth investing on for an effective and added security. It is indeed a great affordable wire

Perfect for binding

The fact that galvanised wire is exceptionally sturdy, it works excellently in the construction of homes and businesses. Widely used for the construction sites, we at Kshetrapaal industries make sure to deliver the best.

A bonafide support system

A great aspect about galvanised wire is, it is also useful to provide a significant support to wall projection.Essentially for its high tensile strength, galvanised wire turns out be an useful solution for homeowners and office bearers so as to secure expensive articles on the walls.

Galvanised wire is a great advantage for its less maintenance cost and outstanding resistance to mechanical damage. However, It is indeed important to buy from a credible galvanised wire suppliers and we at Khsetrapaal industries are certainly the finest source for you. Hurry up and contact us now!