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Concertina wire fence is made of barbed razor and easily level up the security factor by creating an obstruction in different work surrounding or places where security is a top concern.


Concertina wire has been in use for a very long time now and has indeed proved to be a great source of protection against thefts and burglary.In fact, Concertina fencing makes for a great option for military camps and army base just for the way it creates a hindrance to attacks by predators. In a nutshell, this one is a perfect choice to install at any vulnerable or security-conscious space.


We at Kshetrapaal industries are a leader in providing the finest varieties of fencing solution for both residential and commercial properties. So, whether it is the Concertina Wire Fencing or the Welded wire fencing, the purpose is to offer a safe and the secure fencing types to our clients.

concertina wire fencing

Find out the reasons why Concertina Wire Fencing is one of our best offerings

Concertina wire fencing

High security fencing

One of the primary reasons behind the success of Concertina Wire Fencing is it throws a protective cover to an environment, and is predominantly preferred over other kinds, especially for the important and vulnerable areas such as airport, military facility, government buildings, research facilities, etc. And at Kshetrapaal industries, we ensure to provide uncompromising quality to our clients.

Low cost and effective

The best part about Concertina Wire Fencing is it is available at an affordable rate and guarantees efficiency in supreme form. Concertina Wire is extremely sturdy and adds tremendous value to a property, hence it is listed as one of our most sold-out wires.

Considerable resistance

It is the resistance of fencing which matters a lot and Concertina wire is made out of inflated tensile core wire which is why it carries an immense amount of resistance.

Anti-climb fence

What makes Concertina wire fence a popular choice is it is tough to climb through for intruders and also quite difficult to crush or trample. Moreover, it is impossible to cut without specialized tools and yet it is hazardous to attempt a cut of it. So, in short, it is a prudent barrier for official set-ups with sensitive information.

If your need demands a strong wire fencing, get in touch with us for Concertina wire right away!